top 500+ free top blog commenting sites for seo 2020.

Are you looking at the list of blog commenting sites for seo 2020? If yes then this article is specially for you because in this article I will show you 500+ blog commenting sites with domain authority and categories savvy (eg – Tech, Health) in 2020.

top 500+ free top blog commenting sites for seo 2020.

If you do in a good way, as per comment, blog comment is legal. Do not write great articles or good posts every time it creates a bad reputation)

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Why are you commenting blogs?

Blog comment may sound silly at first, but it has loads of advantages. It helps in many ways.

Some Benefits of Blog Commenting sites for SEO 2020.

Connecting with your readers: Readers are the most important for a blogger. Without them, your blog is only one page online with some text.

So, how can you please your readers?

This can only be done by replying to their comments. This makes them feel special.

Connecting with influencers: Those who influence your blog in some way or the other are important. No, not for the link. They can help you to reach a new goals and grow your blog. This especially helps if you are a beginner.

Referral traffic: Blog comments can drive a lot of visitors to your blog. They can be few but if you take the blog comment seriously there can be many.

Promotes a new site: In my previous post, I talked about blog commenting and how it can help promote your new niche site. Although it can give you a nofollow link, it is still very useful.

Nowadays every website uses the Comment Moderation feature on the website to remove the Nowadays every website uses the comment moderation feature on the website to remove bad comments or unwanted comments. So be careful while commenting because your comment goes through admin’s approval